Rapha International offers a variety of vocational training programs to provide our girls with the skills necessary for sustainable freedom. Girls at the aftercare campus who join the sewing program learn cutting, sewing, patternmaking, and tailoring. Whether a girl chooses to sew clothes for people in her village, open her own business, or work for Rapha , she has both the skills and the confidence needed to pursue a better life.


Once a girl is ready to leave the aftercare campus, she is reintegrated and returns home if it is safe to do so. Many times, girls who graduated from the sewing program choose to continue sewing for us. Rapha International gives these young women a sewing machine as well as any other tools needed to work from home. In addition, each girl signs a safety contract agreeing not to work at night or in exploitative situations and is assigned a social worker to help hold her accountable.


As the demand for Rapha International products increased, so did the need for production. We reached out to a group of women in an impoverished, high-risk area. Working near home allows these women to make an income while watching their children, which greatly decreases the vulnerability and possibility of trafficking and sexual exploitation of these families.


The majority of our products are made in the country of Cambodia, but the pom-pom and tassel keychains we sell are made by girls living at Rapha Thailand. We are currently exploring the possibilities of introducing new programs and expanding to some of the other countries in which we operate.


As mentioned above, Rapha aims to provide those sewing for us with the skills and opportunities necessary for sustainable freedom. It is very common for those who have been rescued from trafficking to return to an exploitative lifestyle because they have no other options. At Rapha, that number is significantly reduced. Not only do our girls learn important skills to provide for their futures, but we instill confidence and teach them of their value.


Every purchase you make is an investment in freedom. All workers are paid fairly by the piece and receive payment up front when they turn in the items they created. At Rapha, 100% of the money from your purchase goes directly back to helping our programs operate. These funds are used to purchase things like fabric, notions, machines, and other tools as well as pay for labor, shipping, and traveling costs within the merchandise program. On top of supporting the young women who made them, the items you purchase are a way for you to raise awareness for Rapha and the work we are doing to combat child slavery and sexual exploitation.