Rapha International is on a mission to end the trafficking and sexual exploitation of children. 

Rapha International is a public benefit 501c3 nonprofit committed to ending the trafficking and sexual exploitation of children through aftercare for survivors, prevention for the vulnerable, and engagement for you. Founded in 2003, Rapha International continues to rescue and rehabilitate children while bringing them to lasting freedom. 

Each aftercare program gives child survivors of slavery and sexual exploitation the chance to reclaim their lost childhood. Each day, girls are treated with love and value instead of abuse and neglect. Our aftercare campuses are staffed by trained experts from the local community who understand the culture and know how to work with children through comprehensive and trauma-informed care. By walking with these girls on their healing journey, we are helping them reach a life of sustainable freedom.

Every child needs to be prepared both emotionally and vocationally for life outside residential care. We work hard to make sure that whenever a girl is ready to take the next step, she is able to set foot on the solid ground of freedom. Rapha offers a variety of vocational training programs to provide our girls with the skills necessary for sustainable freedom as well as providing income generating projects for their families. We also have several partnership projects to ensure every girl has the opportunity to pursue her dreams, whatever they may be. When you support Rapha, you help make those dreams a reality.

Our largest and most successful vocational training option is our sewing program. Girls at the aftercare campus who join the sewing program learn cutting, sewing, patternmaking, and tailoring. Whether a girl chooses to sew clothes for people in her village, open her own business, or work for Rapha, she has both the skills and the confidence needed to pursue a better life after reintegration.

Once a girl is ready to leave the aftercare program, she is reintegrated and returns home if it is safe to do so. Many times, girls who graduated from the sewing program choose to continue sewing for us. Rapha gives these young women a sewing machine as well as any other tools needed to work from home. In addition, each girl signs a safety contract agreeing not to work at night or in exploitative situations and is assigned a social worker to help hold her accountable.

The items you purchase from Rapha International are more than beautiful handicrafts – they are an investment in freedom.

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